Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Drought and Famine Hit Southern Somalia

People started before months ago to walk hundreds of KM to Ethiopia and Kenya Borders to search food and other humaniterian assistance, many children were left behind on the way after stoped to walk, parents left them to safe other children to reach where they can get food and assistance, this was reported from the parents newly came in the Refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. the situation in the areas where this people fled mostly unknown what is going on there (southern regions of Somalia. The people reaching in the bonders of Kenya and Ethiopia are expected to be the people those who able to walk or have some food to eat while they are on the way to Kenya or Ethiopia or have some money to rent overloaded trucks.

As reported in this areas, the situation is very horrible, Media can not easly go to report what is going in the area where Al-shabaab controls. curently, most of the reports are comming from the refugee camps lined with the bondaries of Ethiopia and Kenya with Somalia as well as Mugdisho.

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