Sunday, 17 July 2011

What The International Media Reported From the Hunger and Famine in Somalia

The International media gave attention to the humaniterian crisis in Somalia which is the largest humaniterian crisis in the World at this time: visit the links below of the some International media and what the said about the hunger and famine in the Southern Somalia.

Al Jazeera:
UN makes first supply drops in Somalia

Centre Daily Times:
Pope urges help for Somalia

ABC News:
Somalia Drought 'One of the Largest Humanitarian Crises in Decades'

Yass Tribune:
Suffer the children as hunger stalks the land

CNN International
U.N. flies aid to Somalia after Islamist rebels lift ban

Drought stricken Somalia nears famine

Straits Times
Survival struggle against Somalia's drought

Ottawa Citizen
The forgotten people of Africa's deadly famine

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